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Southern Echoes

Prayer Bowls for Missions

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Raku Prayer bowl.

I am offering prayer bowls for whatever you can afford or whatever Holy Spirit lays on your heart for provision towards going to bring a message of healing and restoration to the First Nations I believe the Living God has placed in my heart 

I will continue with the Cherokee. I met last year with the Western Band elders in MO and now have gone to the Eastern Band Cherokee reservation in Cherokee,N.C. I shared the message Father God placed on my heart. Eastern Band Cherokee is where my lineage is from. 

I go to Tahlequah Oklahoma next, to meet with any and all there as Holy Spirit leads. 

We were never meant to be divided as a people. For America to be healed and restored whole, there must be healing and restoration of the First Nations People.

"Where His finger points, His hand clears the way." Streams in the Desert

Prayers are essential.

I will continue adding bowls. 

Prayers are the lifeline of communion with the Living God thru Christ that gives Life abundantly.  How beautiful that we have such a loving and good Father.


"Follow Me" song by: Jessica Goodman