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Southern Echoes

A short share on Raku

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It has taken a bit of time,vut I am on IT towards getting Raku pieces created!!! Thank you for being patient!!

Raku, the orchestration of the 4 Elements, Earth,Air, Fire and Water breathed into a transformed creation by way of Father using His vessel, me,as an extension of Christ's hands and create a vessel called Raku.

Raku was created in the 1600's in Japan as a beautiful expression of fellowship and honor in relationships by way of a Ceremonial Tea. The host would prepare for his guests and then the guest would prepare for the tea. As they came together to enjoy the Tea Cermony, each would appreciate and honor the moment that truly only happened once, the company they were with,the fragrance of tea,the warmth and texture of the vessels. They experience that moment in time and honor. Because each moment was unique and only able to be experienced truly once and never the exact same again, Raku wss used as it is not for eating from or drinking from after one time it is no longer safe to cosume from.

Like the Tea Ceremony, each piece is unique and takes on it's own beauty in the firing process. That is the wonder of Raku. It is as Christmas morning when the firing complete to discover what has transformed in the elemental beauty of the symphonic process.