About, in a Round About

Who me?

Well, I could tell you I was born out West and that we moved quite often as I grew up. Our family would load up an old paneled station wagon and drive from wherever we lived, here to Alabama, to see family . Those road trips and family time were great influencers in my life, that brought more wealth than money could buy. Making Alabama home on earth, for now.

I could tell you I went to VCU for art school as a Sculpture major, saw too many awesome bands and met amazing people. I was there 1.5 years and saw the rawness of a concrete jungle city and met incredible raw and real people that deposited treasure I still value greatly today. Cutting edge and realness of life and living free.

i could tell you that I came out of a long retirement to finish my BFA in Ceramics, at UNA , when my daughter was old enough to be a part of this amazing adventure. To appreciate the beauty of the journey and meet amazing people as well. Those met along the path, sharing beauty, elegance and openness of creativity in love, that has enhanced both of our lives greatly.

I could tell you, my heart is to express and share that richness and beauty, realness and rawness of truth and honesty. The elegance and beauty of line and form, quietly moving the heart and stirring the soul. The warmth of love expressed and extended, from hands that have shaped, held and prayed that each piece glorify the Living God. That He is felt in each piece as it speaks to each person, where they are, as they are in life.


I would rather hear of you. We each have amazing stories to tell, in one form or another, that bring out the realness, the rawness and the beauty of life. When we choose to see the richness of trials, as well as appreciate the most incredible sunshine filled days of laughter, joy and peace, we are living.
It all works together in the beautiful masterpiece called LIFE.

Let’s truly live.

Contact info:

email: jennifer@southernechoes.com

cell: (256)415-7317