Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I

That the Messiah

would die 

To give me



Who am I

that the Creator of All

Would make me

His signate ring


Who am I

that just one glimpse

Of my eyes

Would ravish the heart

Of my Savior and King


My name is not known

Throughout the earth

No fancy clothes

Or big parades

But brown shoes or none

Upon the earth

Not of this world

I stand.


Who am I

that I would be

An Ambassador of Christ

For all to see

Speaking life

and truth

thru love

To all that


Brings before



To quietly walk

and radiate Christ

Shifting in quietness 

And confidence of

His powerful joy

To the world needing life

And freedom from 



I in my Beloved

and He in me

That is all

He asks me to be.

In the GODhead

I am  free

To go and do

In all I am created

To be.


Look inside

and you will see

All that Father

Has desires

you to be

When your

Heart surrenders

To His will.


Pouring all out

Letting go

so with Christ

He can fill

Living Waters and

Eternal life

This earth you will til.




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