Time to Face the Storm

Time to Face the Storm

The winds

They blew relentlessly

Upon the water's 


In shorts and


I walk the path

In God's amazing grace



Looking up 

Into the sky

I saw the 

Golden Eagle



He did not move 

But just his eye

Nor did he flap

His wings to fly

  He mounted up 

Upon the wild winds 


Them to fly.


It makes me smile

And giggle still

As Father,

I feel so near,

 Reminds me

of the waters 



and so alive

Into them

I plan to dive.


And of the winds

They sound as rain

Blowing thru

the pines


Embrace the gift of

LIFE He gives

By living

thru the Vine.

 There is no fear

Remember, He is near

Giving refreshing

Gifts of LIFE.



The winds

Arms open wide

And rise above

The storm



across the waters

As they press against 

Your legs

"Peace be still.

In Jesus name"

As you walk 

Upon the waves.


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