The Beauty in Being a Woman

The Beauty in Being a Woman

I am a woman

Gentle and free

All that my


Created me to be.


He gave me tenderness

To kiss scraped knees

Laughter as a summer breeze

Strength to walk

Beside a man

But in a way

That is Father's



Kindness to bring

That others

May see

The beauty of Christ 

That resonates within me.


Courage to carry

Within my womb

A gift of life

To grow Inside


Strength to 

Birth making way

For new life

Tending and teaching

The ways of Christ.


It says in the Book

"Her husband

calls her blessed"

To me he's the one

That matters

Never mind the rest


Faithful and true

A daughter of

The Most High

His child as a woman

Is how I reside


Royalty in creation

Back hills 

Or mansions

A balance

In each place

unafraid to walk

as myself

Any place 


I embrace how

He made me

To run this race

Has kissed my face

And points the way

Each and every day.


Or shanty

Ballgown or shorts

I in my Father

 a woman

In His hand

Freely bring life

As I walk across the land.












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