Tangibly Present

Tangibly Present

I hear the quiet,

The gentleness of the air

No frequencies

Piercing or 

Tones to defer


I go in quietness

As I sow the seeds

Whether here

Or whether there.


I silently heed 

The call

to step out


The digital world

Of pixels and bytes 

To the tangible present


Where hugs are felt

And faces seen

The essence of life



Such a tangible way


Before the airwaves

Brought decay

Of human hearts

Speaking aloud

What they had to say

Of hands for touching

To comfort and tend

To matters presently



I long to touch

the wrinkled faces

That time have written

The glory of life

To walk hand in hand

Upon the land

And running upon the path

To dive into a lake

And swim 

In it's cold



Weightlessly gliding


The ripple's laughter 

Of the river's song


To push a child upon a swing

As they gain their wings to soar

To see the twinkle in the eyes

When something takes them

By surprise.


I wonder if

This is

a human test

To discover life

At it's  best

For the rest

To remember

To appreciate

The present moment

As humans are

It seems

we have gone

Away from

so far

I choose to live

My life

Not as

An avatar.



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