Take Time to Make Time

Take Time to Make Time

It seems our elderly, whom I love and call ol Timers because they have seen more in their lifetime than most have or possibly will ever see. They saw 2 World Wars, have seen electricity and indoor plumbing be brought into being and have had to continuously learn new technologies.

They survived the Depression and came back more resilient with more wisdom and knowledge of what it means to live and survive. I have been blessed to listen to and hear so many stories from spending time with Ol Timers, such rich, beautiful stories. Some painful for them to share, others I would see their eyes light up with delight as their hearts seem to burst with joy remembering. 


I sit here so thankful. So thankful I was close to my Mamma Sharp and to my Pappa too. So thankful they shared like they did and took time to pour into me. It seems as if Father God knew ..well I know He did..haha He knew I would need to hear and learn and know and utilize and share those lifestyles, that grit and character development and the knowledge of strength in love and doing from a place of love for others. I know it all was given for this moment in time.

My grandparents and the elderly I was blessed to sit with awhile knew the key..it was the Golden Rule. In the shortage of things, they always shared with others. They found a way to make it thru together. 

My mom was telling me about my Mamma Sharp and how her friend needed a nice pair of shoes to wear for a date, I think it was. My Mamma Sharp had one pair scuffed shoes, but they were in a little better shape than her friends. She let her friend borrow them and Mamma wore her friends to church. The heels were  out of her friends shoes and the rest, barely shoes still. Mama said that Mamma told her she would never forget that day. It was the day she went to the altar in those shoes of her friends and gave her heart to Christ. It didn't  matter what any thought. Mamma knew where her help came from.

Seems right here and right now, that is a story for us all to ponder.

We look after one another and in that we are honoring Father God.

When we put the Most High first and love one another as we would want to be loved, we will make it the rough times, because He is faithful.

Our elderly has so much to share and teach. Knowledge we need to learn and preserve by utilizing it and remembering in return to take care of and tend to the needs of our elderly generation


Take time for any and all you can. The joy and delight I see and feel from them, when just sitting and listening for a few moments.  Each have shared wisdom and strength has been such a gift I pray to carry on and share with the generations to come.




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