I've come to long more and more for simplicity in all things. Asking Father God to strip down and take away anything and all not needing to remain. To make me bone bare, as if a buck shedding his antlers that he can go thru a narrow chink in the mountains, to greater more robust lands.

The narrow place. That place of being pressed and squeezed. The place of dross rising to the top and being skimmed away by the hand of the Living God, so that we reflect in purity, Christ, to all that look our way.

 It is as a birthing canal. How glorious a thought. The pushing the labor pangs, the agony and even the groaning and travail that brings forth life. I learned that it is in the birthing canal we gain a strong immune system. In the birthing canal, the narrows, it is a place of transition and metamorphosis. Like the cocoon a butterfly must be strengthened enough to break out of that he be able to fly.



I can simply dream of places I would love to explore and experience all over the world but yet be so satisfied with being right here right now.

That is such a beautiful posture and place simplicity provides. Each day not having to have bells and whistles that try to excite or bring reaction.

There is a steady beauty in simplicity that joy flows thru as if a warm beam of morning light or the warm radiance of a sunset simply being a sunset glowing so colorfully without a big is simply being what it is created to be, a sunset.


The beauty I find in a quiet and peaceable life. Making a home and tending simply to it is to me, so beautifully rewarding. Home seems anywhere Father God is. Home is the place He blesses me with to sit quietly and sing loudly or dance laughing in the joy of being alive in Christ. A resting place in Him.

A place of family or friends. A place where dinner is cooked with joy and excitement to see what is going to come out of the pan. A place where laughter flows even when something gets flubbed up or love is expressed  A place where love is felt and the warmth of that love secures and sustains any and all wherever they are in life.

Home is a place of life and a place of simply living .

Enjoying each moment of each day in the most simple of ways liberates the mind. Decluttering so that there is room to breathe and be creative a d ponder and have a quieted mind that goes along with a stillness or peaceful heart.

Simply loving deeply and laughing freely. Weeping without shame and simply being there for another.

Simply listening to what another has to say and simply sharing in return. Simply giving to or doing for your neighbor or even yourself.

Simply taking care of and living  a simple life worth living with others, as well as sweetness in being alone with Father God.


Simply living and creating.

Simply living and birthing a life worth living that is truly lived. Taking time to enjoy the fragrances or the way the sunlight illuminates a leaf, hearing the sound of the wind and listenining closer still to see if Holy Spirit has a message whispered in the breeze. Nature itself, the most pure existence left it seems, simply lives and is so incredibly beautiful as it glorifies the Creator of all things...Nature purely lives and lives purely a simple existence of simply living. It doesn't trouble itself or toil fearfully worrying about tomorrow or what "could be". It simply lives each day .


The beauty of a peaceful, robustly rich life seems to rest in simply living.


Find the beauty in simplicity big or small. The everyday tasks are as beautiful and glorious as the great adventures that seem so grand. At this moment in time, I chose the little things, those things rich and real. In that, I feel my belly whirl and giggle within..deeply

Live simply.

Simply live.

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