Share and Share Alike

Share and Share Alike

Had to stop a min from cleaning a church Father God blessed me to clean, and share. I'm a sharer and cannot help it. I share all I have to share til I have what feels like no more and then Father reminds me of how He is limitless and His provision and Living Waters flow freely without measure...and He pours out more!! Hahaha So cool!

When we share the goodness of Father God in whatever measure and means, we glorify Him. It isn't about us but Him! I shared with someone this morning about how I love to hear others share. I love to hear them share because it brings such overflowing joy  and excitement stirring them up even more as the spark lit thru sharing becomes a fire they spread to more and more people! Telling of Father's  goodness and love and awesomeness, sharing the love of Christ and whether purposely themselves or not pointing hearts to Christ!! Sharing Holy Spirit encounters and healing and you see?!!!? That is sharing life!! That brings Life !! Father God is the Giver of life and Christ came to give life ABUNDANTLY that Holy Spirit ushers right on in!!! 


Ahhhhh makes me wanna shout!! So I did!! Hahaha

Welp..there are some things I don't share, so not to trumpet deeds Father God has me do. BUT!! There arrrre times to blow that sucker LOUDLY heralding the awesomeness of the Living God and His love!! Shouting from the rooftop the powerful love and joy of Jesus Christ and all he has done for us!! 

Shouting and dancing as the Holy Spirit gives words and twirls to express our hearts of love and joy that are uncontaminated and undignified in the world's eyes!! Hahaha

I say let er rip!! The veil  has been ripped and we can run with all our might to meet with Father God  as Holy Spirit pulls back  all needed to make the way clear . We run in the winds of Holy Spirit with Christ running with us, befire us ushering us in, beside us laughing and sharing, behind us launching us forward!!


Psalm 50:10 talks about how He owns all the cattle on a 1000 hills. All is His to give us.without reserve, if we ask and believe. I believe also..smiling bigly typing that,  that He enjoys the stealth  whammy jammy in pouring out even when we do not ask, because He loves us so much and is tickled to give us fullness of His blessings each day!


I imagine He and Christ planning with Holy Spirit in the Secret place of His heart...

"OK, Today we are bringing it. We are gonna super size surprise these today. Make n it good and practically drown them in Our goodness at every turn..Today is super size surprise day..from behind the bush to the mountain tops to the gum on shoe to the bus ride , to the big Corp, to the gutters of We bring hope. No bars no hold backs..WE. POUR. IT. OUUUUUUUUT!!! We bring Joy. We bring laughter that breaks thru the weightiness or places trying to hold any back. We bring Light and Peace. We bring US into every place designed and destined.Today. How about this!!!! ** Loud excited voice  of Father God  kept to a still small voice for the whammy!!!* GET THIS!!! Let's use our children to help too!!! Hahaha That can be part of the surprise THEY will be used also to bring Our presence and gifts and blessings in ways like NEVER BEFORE!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  *The GODHEAD laughs together as all of Heaven resounds and the Heavenly Hosts respond  saying: "Ohhhhh they are up to something incredible and majestic and AWEsome again today!!!"

The angelic Hosts clap their hands in excitement ready to BRING IT!!


Father God, Christ and Holy Spirit laugh with joy as they go from the Secret Place of Father's  heart ready for action!!



 Hannnnnnnds UP!!







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