Father's Reminder to The Unseen

Father's Reminder to The Unseen

How beautifully Father God reminds and speaks. His timing ever perfect in all things.

I have been editing and working on a book He has given  from a blog I  had about 10 years ago now. Reading thru this writing, it was loudly highlighted to be shared today and here.

" The Unseen"

"Something's weighed heavy upon my heart lately.  I've thought alot about the unseen and those that seem to be unheard. I remember when I was little, I felt that way alot. I felt as if what I had to say had little impact or worth. I was raised to sit down and shut up in sorts. I came out of a marriage that was much the same, but there has been beauty that came from it all.

I realized in the midst of the badgering and meanness towards me, that I did have a voice and my thoughts and words do matter. I realized that I have a brain that can figure hard projects out because of perseverance. If one way doesn't work, I ponder and try to figure out another way. If I am stumped and have no clue, I ask someone to help. It takes swallowing pride or actually spittin' pride out, if you swallow it, it just stays when it needs to go!

I have noticed so many that have been in the place I've been and I cannot bear to be quiet about it.  Knowing it is like holding in a shout or having a silent cry shouting for someone to please hear . No more. I wanted to write and tell you, what you say does matter. What you think and how you feel matters. Words can pierce the soul or heal the heart so choose them wisely. Mama taught us "If you can't say nothin' nice, don't say anything at all." I agree to an extent, but I believe if you have truth to say that may not be nice sounding to some, you say it with love, or out of love. As for the government, and the mess that goes on there or in corporations, truth prevails and is what stands as lies collapse. I believe we are to always speak truth and stand up for what is right, but I believe truth needs to be spoken with respect.

One thing my Pappa Sharp taught me in short version:

If I met the president or a King or Queen, always remember, "They put their pants on just like you do".

Makes sense. No one is better than another. We are all created equally, it's choices we make in life that lead us to doing good or bad.

I believe everyone has a story and something to share. The bad can be taken and used for good when truth and wisdom are applied with understanding. I believe a bird could teach something, or the wind, even the smallest lil' bundle of a baby has something to share or teach.

It's about listening, believing and realizing, no one knows it all and everyone and everything has a reason that they are on this earth. There is purpose for you. There is purpose for me and it shouldn't be overlooked or unseen.

You are not unseen or unheard. There is someone that you are making an impact on and you may not even realize it. So! Before I'm late for work and have to roll extra silverware on top of the mountain we already have to roll this morning. I just really wanted to write this. Just feel as if you needed to read this, I know you came to this writing for a reason, and I probly donno you yet,or maybe I do, but all that read this needed to. You have a purpose and your voice is given to you for a reason. Share the wisdom gained wisely when your heart speaks for you to share. Your thoughts and feelings matter as well. So get out there and walk with your head up.  A friend told me

"Walk with your head up so you can see where you're going."

Chin up..it's a brand new day.=)"


After reading this journaling from those years ago, while editing today, I saw how Father God has taught me even more.

His love so vast for each of us, He loves us enough to keep us tucked away in His Secret place to polish us as a fine arrow. To equip and prepare His children that He has for such a time as this, for His glory.

When the perfect time comes, He will draw each out of His quiver, that Secret place, to place on His bow, drawing each ever closer to Himself to whisper His plans and purposes. Whisper His heart of love . Breathe His breathe of life and release each in the Holy Spirit to hit the target of the bidding and purpose given with accuracy and power of His might. That He be glorified.

He keeps the unseen hidden as His pearls of great price to be discovered by those that will appreciate and honor, love and see the beauty of the Living God within radiating outwardly as the fragrance of Christ emminates the atmosphere.Father God loving so much that He refuses to reveal His treasures until they be readied.


That fragrance comes thru the crushing, the persecutions and spiritual battles. Those seasons where people without eyes to see have slandered or tossed aside the gift of life Father God has given them to walk with or know. The times that people have seen the beauty of Christ within Father's  pearls but have felt threatened by insecurities in their own heart. So  to feel greater than, or better about themselves, push down or walk over or even use or abuse Father's gift of those pearls He has been equipping, 

Father God wastes nothing and creates beauty from those ashes. Thru the crushing and stretching we are each formed more into the likeness of Christ.

The enemy knows also a bit of each person's  calling . Those that radiate Christ and shine or those  speaking truth boldly or the heart of Father God with grace and love are what the enemy fears. The enemy tries to target and silence or even destroy the radiance of Christ in us each and all that carry the hope of glory.. The enemy will not prevail. The Living God will not ever fail us. The Living God will not ever leave or forsake us. Out of His love for us He pulls us into the Secret Place to protect and prepare.

Laughing now..Father God has His secret weapons at hand. His Esther's and David's of sorts, but of His making in uniqueness and beauty and strength of their identiity in and thru Christ. Created for the Master's use.

It makes me tear up as well as my heart shine more brightly because of Father God's love .

You have value. You have worth. People.may not be ready to see your beauty and strength, they may not be ready to hear the truths Holy Spirit has given. But know this...In Father God's  infinite wisdom, time and way..He will reveal His glorious masterpieces of the pearls in the field for His glory..

Allow Him to do the work in you needed. Do not run ahead. In due season He will bring you forth in and for His glory, in His perfect time.

All that truly matters is knowing the love of Father God for you. His affirmation far outweighs anyone or any thing else.So to share the knowledge of His love for and to others 

Only to hear, " Well done My good and faithful servant."

Do not fear. Be strong and courageous for the Lord thy God is with you in all  you do. The Lion of Judah is preparing to roar thru you and shake the foundations of man and the world for the glory and honor of the Living God to be established on earth as in Heaven.

Be encouraged!


"And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up."

Galatians 6:9




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