There are moments

I open the kiln

To rediscover 

Breathtaking purity.


A gift so ancient

Yet has continued thru time

To be so wonderous

Uniquely  designed


So pure and white

Made with delight

For GOD'S glory and honor

So worth the fight 


Shaped by hands

So full of love

Placed on the fires 

To refine 


The world has tried

To throw it's muck

Spit on it's face

Or make it a disgrace

Trying to

Keep such a gift

From this human race


I look to my King

My Bloved and Prize

With one glimpse of my eyes

Asking the fire arise.


Make us more pure

And holy within 

To radiate


To overcome sin

Help us to shine 

In Your glory Divine 

As part of the Vine

And bring 

The new wine.


Ancient ways

In these days

Purity shines

As radiant light

Quietly cascading

As not to blind

Breathtakingly moving

To shake open wide


Brilliantly bright

Within the fight 

Blinding darkness 

As we walk as

Father God's delight


Purity strong

Uniquely aright

Opening eyes

To see Love  Himself





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