Praise the Living God!

Praise the Living God!

Something came to share around. Here is a place I am to post it too.



So..sitting here outside pondering and just flooding thoughts no filter pretty much and
I am wondering.are people thanking and truly celebrating the breath of Life ..the gloriously beautiful saving grace and move of Father God's Spirit sweetly kissing this Nation of folks to woo her back to Him?
Or are they staying in the dark places bringing evil foreboding?

Do people even know? Are people even aware or are they missing such a glorious kiss and visitation of the Living God once again?

Oh dear GOD please awaken the hearts and open the eyes that all will see and give You glory!

My heart about weeps to think of anything but people giving thanks and celebrating and praising the mercy we have been praying for and the grace we have cried out for being given so incredibly sweetly and humbling.
How could we do anything but praise and thankful?

K...flood of ponders been released!

Praise You ABBA FATHER!!

THANK YOU FOR GRACE AND YOUR HOLY SPIRIT sweetly stirring and wooing this Nation of people..Thank You Jesus for not giving up on us and paying the price for us to be redeemed and have LIFE and Life ABUNDANTLY..


How could we do anything but praise...

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