Pappa's Porch

Pappa's Porch

Growing up I was clearly a Pappa's girl  Any time we went to visit my amazing family in Alabama, we would go see mama's side of the family that is huge and wild and fun. I always was so excited to be with my sweet Mamma Sharp and loved to sit and learn from her and talk about anything and everything in those ol porch rockers. And then my cousins, because we were rascaly kids always on adventures and getting into something..

My dad's side of the family lived in Alabama about 30 min away from Mamma Sharp,out in the country. Whenever we would pull that old station wagon into their drive, I practically leaped out of the car before it stopped, into Pappa's open arms. He would hug me big and then take my face in his big  strong hands and kiss me all over my face. His whiskers always tickling and other times felt like  sunburn ! That was how it was with Pappa all my life even as a young woman. 

One of the most beautiful gifts given me was time with my Pappa. We would walk the pastures  hand in hand laughing  and talking as the horses bayed and the cows grazed, the chickens clucked and bird dpgs tags would ring like bells as they moved. Often, we would walk in the quietness of the morning before the world awoke. As if the breath of the Living God remained as dew because He walked so fully with us in union.

There were times Pappa and I would ride the Trace in his old green pick up. I remember the smell of metal and can still trace with my fingers  to almost tangibly feel every crack and texture of the dash and seats..even the floorboard under my bare feet, by memory. The old rusted out spots in the floorboard, tickled me as I watched the road  zoom by underneath. We rode to see what we could see and experience . The essence of life itself flooding frozen moments in time. The sunlight radiating in soft purity and peace as the winds blew freely as if giving flight to the ride.

It brings me to tears as I thank GOD for such memories and for such a reflection of Him and my walk with Him as ABBA Father in my life. It is how we are. It was how Pappa and I were.


Pappa would tell me stories when we would go out in the boat fishing for bass. I call them lifesongs because they were about different times in his life but there was always a lesson with each and a purpose . I remember asking him one time when we were out on the water..i love water so much..."Pappa, how do you know just the right stories i need to hear at just the right time?"   I dont even know if he replied but i see his face so clearly with the glory of Heaven all around him as he smiles so beautifully like he did, with his head tilted back and his blue blue eyes radiating the Light of Truth and joy Those life songs gave life and direction, strength and courage through life even after he passed on to glory.

The quietness 

Pappa and I just "were" we could "just be" We could sit in the beauty of silence and the fullness of peace where even the birds were not heard,.but yet, we heard the holiness of silence as if in the clouds of Heaven and the stillness of awe. We would look at the beauty of nature all around us in that very moment where time did not exist because we were fully where we were as we were.


The beauty of love. The beauty of being totally honest and true in the purity of  that love. It is so rare and I value more than anything on earth could ever be.

Pappa and I could sit in quiet ,in silence, on the porch of his cabin with such peace because we loved one another where we were, as we were, for who we were in that very moment we were. We didn't have to keep it light or entertain we were ok with being quiet and simply "just being."


I find that with Father God and think of the garden of Eden. How He walked with Adam and Eve..How two people so close can walk in such peace, words are no longer necessary but yet l, when words are..they are so richly enjoyed i never want them to stop being shared ..the beauty of being honest and true in silence or word and incredobly a gift of unity.


How beautiful are the feet of those that speak the good news..


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