In this race

I walk my pace

To the beat

Of Father's heart.

A step in time

Poetic rhyme 

Dancing in the winds


Others may

Run faster, still,

I like to take my time

Looking all along the way


The TO 

Between the

A to B

Always has a special

Path of

 such discovery.


In the puzzlery 

I chose to simply





So much living

So much giving

Walking in the present

Here and now


Glimpsing just ahead

Makes me want to run 

And laugh

excited in expectancy

Make my way

Around the bend

Up the hill

To roll on down 

Together with

My Friend 


I keep the pace

To run this race

Ear upon His heart

At times to run

And others sit 

The tortuous 

always wins


In the end

I hope to grin

And thank my Father God

For such adventures

Life so freely

Lived upon this earth

I know He will

Just look at me

Knowing we had fun.

Hug me close

and say to me


the adventure's

Just begun.."








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