Man Of God

Man Of God

Most of my life

Around the boys

Staying away

From drama and noise

I had to say boys will be boys.


Now I look

to discover and see

Men of God

Too few around me.

Men that are strong

Convictions so pure

They'd lay down their life

For their children and wife

Sweat on their brow

Their hand to the plow

Speaking aloud

The truth they

Have found


Not backing down

Feet planted firm

Unafraid  of the battle

Their love undeferred.


A powerful man

Is humble and true

He knows it is Christ

That's given him life

Making him father

And husband to wife.


Walking so humbly

With tenderness

So slight 

Tucked away when in battle

Deep love

The fire in his fight.

He looks to His Father.

In prayer, he knows 

The Lord of Hosts with him as

He goes to the fight

Cloud by day

And fire by night.

Is a man of God

 In whom Father delights.












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