Kody With a K

Kody With a K

I saw you  there

the other night

Bare feet, no shoes

In sight 


I thought of you 

Today with a smile

Loaded up pup

And went all the miles

Praying to find

Kody with a K

all the while 


Pulled up to the doorway

Got tickled to see

The shoes on his feet

He didn't need me

Handing pink bobos

From off of my feet

Kody K was sleepingu

had his under head 


I walked up with a smile

To say "how do you do?"

Asked if there was anything

For him i could do.

He said he had 

No need in truth

But said he would like

A Dr Pepper, not Sprite


I left to the car

Went out of sight

Grabbed up Dr Peppers

And with no other 

Mission in sight.

I had a bag of goodies

Not recieved by another

I laughed at how

Father brought them

To a brother.


Kody teared up

As we talked awhile

He told me his story

His eyes with a smile

That someone took time

To ask him

To tell

His journey of life

He knew so well.


Take time for your brother

Your sister there too

Listen to each other

Reach out a hand to help

What's  there to say

It won't be you

helping Christ

one day.

Now for awhile

That's  all I got

To say.


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