I stand here

As a Child of GOD

Believing for

America to be saved

By the hand of 

The Living God

As He's promised me.


I will not become

a Nationalist or


stepping away

from an American


To me

That's giving up

On GOD'S given gift

To possess the land

HE gave.


I stand here as 

An American


By the laws of man

Because I find

My identity

As a Child of GOD.


I know my sovereign 

Rights provide

The justice that I need

To call upon the name of GOD

And see the enemy flee.


The laws of the land

go only so far

And when corrupt

I will not heed

But instead 

I stand in Truth

Knowing Who's

Ways of Truth and Life

I heed 

To remain 

Morally free.


Daniel said it 

As did the 3

that stood with the

4th Man in the fire

So did Peter

As did Paul

And beautiful Stephen

As He gave all.


When man's laws

are wicked and wrong

We are to obey

The Living GOD.

His righteous judgements

Will come His way

As He

Keeps His children

Tucked away.



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