I Was Taught

I Was Taught

I was taught

When love 

Is true

It loves

You as

You are you

No hoops required 

No performance

Yet iron sharpens iron.


Love lives boldly


And true

Love is the power

That makes the 

Warrior in you.


Love covers sin

I know this well 

As prayers

Lift a soul


That He refine 

And unwind 

The ropes

That try to bind.


I was taught

To truly fight

Enduring to the end

One must 

Love relentlessly

What or whom

They're  fighting for.


Love Himself

Is greater than

Any love

on earth

of course

If we pause

And realize 

His love for us

So vast

He gave His Son

To die for us

That day upon

the tree

What love of Christ

To bear our sin

That we each

can be

truly free.






I in Christ

And Christ

In me

That love

I pray




So that

All will know

The Way

the Truth

That Jesus Christ 

Has made the way

As Father God

Open armed

Gave His all

For us

As did

His only

Begotten Son

The love

That dies

So all can live

A life eternally 

I truly choose

To run this race

My eyes

upon the prize

In life abundantly 

To share the love

Of Jesus Christ

And He being crucified.


Love never fails

It's  steadfast stand



The gates of hell

Rescuing all from 

The grips of sin

Bringing life within.








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