I Know How

I Know How

I know how Elijah felt

Beside the river 




In the wilderness

Ravens feeding

from afar.


I know how

Joseph felt


of his dreams

Not of arrogance 

Or of pride

But excited

from the joy inside


Wanted to destroy

But his destiny

was fulfilled

A Nation saved

The silos filled.


I know how

Mary Magdeline felt

As the alabaster box

Pouring out

her very being

Before the King of Kings

Without expecting



I know how

Paul and Silas felt

Singing from a cell


I know how Ruth

Must have felt


from the fields

And Esther finding

Favor from

being the King's



I know how my Savior felt

When all around


None would stand 

Or walk beside

As He went to

Where He died.


I lay upon

the Mercy Seat

Tethered to His will

Asking not to be

let up

Until His work

In me


I offer all I was and am

My hopes and dreams

My all

The path so narrow 

At times so dark

Yet never walked alone

As my Savior

holds me close

Tightly hand in hand

As we go forth

on this earth

Bringing in

The Promised land.












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