How Many

How Many

How many Bare Feet

Have waded in this creek?

How many hands have held

The worn rope swing

And let it fling

As people sing

With shouts of joy



How many bare Feet

have walked upon

The jagged rock

Layered perfectly

For a seat

To take a breather 

Or cheer on

Everyone swimming having fun.


I walked upon those

Flinted rocks

That once were

Jagged and so sharp

My bare feet

Feeling the beauty of

Cold smooth rock instead

I sit and pause all teary eyed

Thinking of the many that went ahead

They walked the jagged rock and trails

Making smooth the path

So much sacrifice so much love

They paved the way ahead

It strengthens me

To press on to make

A trail of fire

So that others

See the path

And join in days ahead.


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