How Bout it?

How Bout it?

Well, maybe some wonder about the name Southern Echoes. I don't really,haha I guess it's because I already know. After moving quite often growing up, Almighty God saw fit for me to live in the South more years than all the places we lived added up. How thankful I am..Thanks God!

Growing up,my family would take long road trips from wherever we lived, here to Alabama to see allll our cousins,aunts,uncles and grandparents. It is where I have my best memories.

I realized later in life, those tokens given of family time here in Alabama, were treasures that echoed thru my life. Reminding me of the beauty, goodness, warmth, love and compassion of family, lifestyle and lands found here in the South.

The beauty of living in a land with the real and textured kind of love and laughter that brings light, joy and hope, I pray reflects in all found here, offered.

I pray these gifts echo the Southern tokens I have been blessed to cherish thru life's journey so far.

Gratitude is part of the Southern way,with a belly washer in hand because it is hot down here in Summertime!

I would like to thank Scott Kesterson for believing in me,helping me tremendously, and encouraging me to bring my artwork to the world.
Thank you to my daughter, Sarah, for the fantastic logo design and stylish ideas.

And never last,thank you to Tori Sherrod, my amazing genius niece that did such beautiful work putting this website together.

NOW!! Kick back, prop those feet up, and enjoy a stroll thru these Southern Echoes,that I pray speak kindness and life along the way!


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