Honor Those That Have Gone Before

Honor Those That Have Gone Before

What an honor

To honor

Such a gift so true.

My Mamma

walked the path

in strength

And faith

As so few do.


I think of her in

Morning light

The dawning of a day

Her twinkling eyes

And crooked smile

I inherited,

So glad.


I no longer weep

to remember 

The treasured time

We had 

Today, I smile

with a heart so full

Giving Mamma honor.


The gifts Father gave 

The blessings thru

This lineage

Now purified


With many hues.

I give all glory to

You, dear Father.


Thank You 

For my Mamma

So wise

with childlike faith

Excited to arise.

Each day brand new

A gift of You

Ready to discover

Unwrapping thru the day.


She taught me how

To see with grace

Giving strength

to run this race.


She loved me

in my weakness

Delighted in my strength

Held me when i needed

Or if I felt depleted.

Made me laugh

At Bingo

Her dobbing

20 cards,

5 of them

were even mine!!


Sopping up

The gift of life

As we sat out

On her porch

Talking Braves

Or of neighbors ways

Mamma always knew


Singing hymns

From a "borrowed" Cokers

How one day

We'd fly away.

Father thank You 

For my Mamma

On this her special day.








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