Holy Fire

Holy Fire

Fire in my bones

As wildfire to a dry land.

Father God I see 

Your hand

Clear the way for me to stand.


I stand in Truth

I stand in love

Unafraid I stand 

Calling out the wicked ones

The evil trying to do

It's deeds.


Starting on my knees

to stand

It is there that Father

takes my hand

Boldness, courage

Enduring persevering


Bringing freedom

To the door.


Fire in my bones

to stand

Healing flowing

thru my hand

Words that slice 

And pierce the dark

Only those

that Fathers sparks.


Down they go 

One and all

To the pit they fall.

As Father God

vanquishes all

Thru each of His children

Heeding His call.





Watercolor paInting: "Words Like Fire" by Delores Develde


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