Heal and Grow

Heal and Grow

"Heal and grow"

I hear You say

My reply

"Father show me the way."


"Lay all down on 

The Mercy Seat

The weight of pain

Sin and



Allow Me now 

To hold you near

Speaking of My

Heart so dear.

Applying the Balm

Warm oil of joy

As you surrender

Your all to me."


"Keep me on 

The atler


Tether My hands

My feet

And then

Keep me there

Til YOU say 



My darling daughter

You're heart is true

Allow me to heal you

Making you whole

And full of Me in you.

A beacon that blinds

No darkness remains

That for others

You can do the same."


"Have Your way

Do all You will

Take the knife

And scalpel still

Prune and cut 

Sever and seal

Take anything out

that You reveal

From death

Comes life

As You instill

Your breath of Life

In me You fill

Making way For


To heal.

With Your kiss 

You make the seal."


"My trophy of Grace

My Victor

My Bride

Within My heart

You will reside.."







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