Giver or Gift

Giver or Gift

I've been piddlin and pondering and am big on heart intent and checking my own heart to see where I sit with things. I donno if that is normal for most but fact is, it is normal for me and I am good with that! Haha


I wonder something. I wonder what people seek God the Father for. Do they seek Him for spiritual gifts or deliverance, justice or vengeance? Why in the heart, does man seek His face? What is the heart intent.

He gave His greatest gift for all in giving His Son, Christ, to die forbis all and resurrected Him so we can live in life abundantly  So..what's  up? What if God the Father never ever gave you another thing...would you still talk with Him and love Him just the same as when gifts were freely flowing your way? Would His gift of Christ be enough?


So I take this to a human level and no, people are not GOD or to be seen as gods or even GOD Himself but it seems fit to ponder and ask.  Why do you talk with or hang out with those you are with? Is it because they have something to offer you? Is it because they give you things or because they do for you ?  What is your heart, your motives. What if everything in the world was stripped away, fame,money, businesses and those positions of "authorty" the world has created and those that you went to or talked with had nothing more to offer...what would you do?

Would you still hang out and live life with them? Would you offer anything you had to give? Or would you walk away and look for others that you think can give you what you were given?

Sober one person is the same. Isn't that glorious!! So what you discover radiating from one person is not ever the same radiance  and beauty of exactness of another. Ahahha I am smiling so bigly!! That is  part of why we are EACH beautiful creations, masterpieces even..No one can be another no matter how hard they may one can take another's place, no matter how hard they may try! We are that INCREDIBLE and of great worth and beauty and uniqueness. The Living God so vast in creating each, so awesome that even down to the DNA we are individually woven in our mother's wombs.

 There are similar qualities but none the same. No cookie cutters, no carbon copies and any that seek to find what was in one they cherished or discovered later they SHOULD have cherished and try to find that same treasure in another.. will find counterfeits.. or by the grace of GOD the truth.

It saddens me to think so few are told truly from the heart how much they are appreciated and valued and treasured for who they are. That who they are in heart and mind is the greatest gift to treasured..any gifts beyond that they give, are appreciated but second to them . That a person or people are not there for what you can give but for who you ARE.

That you are enough and none can be compared to you. Period.


That Christ is beyond enough when thinking of GOD the Father.


I've noticed so few have heard THEY are valued for who they are as a person. Too many don't  seem to understand what I am saying when that is said and it saddens my heart a but but brings more determination also.  People need to know they are treasured and have such  beauty within their very being of who they are created to be. That they so amazing for who they are without having to "do" a thing other than simply "be" who they are. See?

We are so intricately and wonderfully made. So fantastic in heart and mind and soul as Father God intended us to be. The world taints that beautiful and majestically radiant value and worth by throwing those grimey things of evil to corrupt or crush or push down the original radiant beauty. 

Hmmmm...Well, I for one am determined to get my sword of Truth and cut the crap away..just like Clorox to a molded treasure to reveal to each the value and worth they have. That THEY are the hand made gift of the Living God created to radiate and shine. When they do, HE is glorified 

  Double decker checker hmmmmm....WHAT IF..we seek Father God for who HE is, seeking the treasure of HIS heart and celebrate the incredible discoveries of an Omnipotent, Omnipresent LIVING GOD that has so many facets and vastness of  awesomeness we will continually be in awe of discovery!! 


 What if people all around the entire world stopped being about self absorption and what they can get and instead, started giving of what they had to offer and  give.


Seeking the Giver/giver not the gifts



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Father is at work big! 2 Corinthians 9 about the The Cheerful Giver was my study couple days ago! Beautiful ponders!!! God gets the glory!!!


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