Gulliver Script Flipped

Gulliver Script Flipped

Hooo mama!! What a night! Made homemade hot chocolate while the winds are incredibly, blowing in a cool front. I feel it. Sitting outside listening to the crickets and winds thru the top of the pines with this warm hot chocolate and dusk fading into the night. Perfect night for a fire or to write.

I'm pooped, so gonna go with writing. It makes me smile and tickled to be able to just write, not with intent to share with any but to, just in a sense, journal. It's how I write anyways most the time but tonight it feels extra special.

Looking up at the canopy of trees, the silhouettes of leaves so beautifully remind me of lace. I wonder of that is how years ago they were inspired imagined spinning silk to make the intricate lace patterns. I love the delicacy and intricacies of lace patterns. A cool breeze just blew such a refreshing breath of air!

I got to thinking about the lacey leaf patterns and then got, and get, tickled sharing this. I thought of Thumbelina and Miss Hickory. I thought of Gulliver and the little people and felt like I was so small looking up at these lacey patterns that canopy over me is making, as if they were huge sprigs of Queen Anne's Lace. I'm tickled now.

My sister used to read Miss Hickory to me before I fell asleep when I was little. I loved snuggling up close to listen and look at the drawings of Miss Hickory. The richness if line and graphite textures and hues. Thumbellna had the most beautiful watercolor pictures and her flower blossom hat rocked I.must say!

This summer has been such an inspiring season. I have walked out at any time of night to see the spiral of the Milky Way, see shooting stars and listen to and smell the sweetness of the warm summer nights.

Autumn is here. Today the first day and I am thrilled!! I love every season truly, but this year Autumn seems to be celebrating. The leaves have been blowing off the trees and I laugh as I shadow catch them while I walk on a path thru the woods. It is like Nature's confetti!!!

Confetti rocks by the way.

The leaves blowing all around in the lively winds bring joy and such expectation and excitement for change. It is as if Spring and Summer both are celebrating life with me. Spring celebrating the newness of life given and Summer the enduring life preserved of such a hot and dry year.. Autumn seems to be celebrating them both by bringing refreshing cool winds and confetti! Hahahahahaha

I feel so small in the jist of it all. It is the most wonderous feeling as if a child with such awe has been reawakened....but yet I feel so small before the Creator of All Things in His creation and just tear up because of His glory.and majesty.

The winds ushering in His presence. I think of riding on the wings of the wind with Him as He gives new life. As He takes the celebration of life preserved that was lay down for others as often as He resurrect and bring new life by the glory of His will and breath of life.

There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for another. Too many misunderstand what that means and looks like. It looks like Christ and it looks like Agape love..putting others before oneself as Father bids and trusting Him.

This poem came today


John 15:13 ESV 
Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.


What does it mean?

Too few have seen

even less have done.

Lay one's life down

for another

never the less

for even a brother.


Most think of


out in battle

taking a bullet for 

A band of brother.


But my King reveals



 of laying one's

 life down for another.

To set their own

 desires and call

aside for a season

as Father leads 

To help another

get to the place

in confident trust

 And do as called

By Father

What a powerful place

 too many mistake or 


 Not knowing 

the Living Sacrifice given

 that Father have His way.


Some think

as others lay

their life down

 each day


don't know the way

or try to hide away 

To that

 I have nothing

 to say but

"ABBA, have Your way."


He resurrects


more life as Christ took

 the keys from death

that life abundantly 



No matter the cost

 in Christ, nothing is lost 

when carrying your cross 

To ABBA I say "Yes."



1 John 3:16 ESV

By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers.

The stars are now twinkling, asking to be niticed..hahaha and the crickets in their symphonic flow. Time to put this thing down and just "be" awhile.

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