It's a chilly winter morning in November. I sit on the front porch reading about the cross, wrapped in a quilt, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Not super hot coffee, in my book, but it's still steaming in the cold air. Feet in fuzzy slippers with fuzzy warm socks even typing I almost weep at the beauty of the gift of this morning and life Father has given me.

The leaves almost gone makes me smile bigly, the evergreens bearing their deep rich beautiful greens reminding me of life in death..that there is life and growth that happens even in the coldest most barren places. There is life in the stripping down and being made bare before all to radiate Christ. 

That life comes thru death of the cross. I often think of this walk with and in Father as an adventure. A wild zaney unknown and exciting adventure that charges me inside even to type about...I hope to say one day, "write about", instead.  This wild adventure where there is joy and exuberant life and courage and boldness, laughter in the face of danger or enemies and walking into the unknown mist to discover just....what...awaits. All eyes and senses alert yet knowing not to fully depend on any myself but on Father to hold my hand and Holy Spirit to lead and guide. Trusting not in myself, but in the GODHEAD.

Often I share of that place of thought and belief but yet today, all cozied up in the cold, I feel to share about how that can be. It seems too manywant things to be "ok" when Father wants the BEST for us. It seems to many want to "just make it thru" when Father wants us to be more than conquerors thru Christ. It seems too many want to do the greater things than these and be a mighty spokes person of truth, bringing fire as Elijah, to the watered down alters to reveal the true power of the One True God. But how many want to go thru those fires to carry Father's  fire? How many will allow the cross to truly slay them, destroy all sin of the carnal man..kill it actually and how many will allow themselves to die daily, letting go of "their" plans and asking Father "His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" thru them ...THIS DAY. How many will endure the cross, be taken to dust thru death of the old man, dying to the old ways of doing things as the world does and allowing the cross to pulverize them only to be resurrected and shaped into the image of Christ?

Adventures...the best ones always have the beauty of hope that gives strength. They have struggles so agonizing that bring one to the point of digging so deeply within, they discover strength they never knew existed. There are those wildly dangerous times where the only way out of a circumstance is going thru the fires of hell on earth, facing those demons to discover they are actually afraid of you because of Christ IN you! 

It is in those hard places, those times of struggle and yes, pain that we die to self and arise to life in Christ. Even Paul said,


I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me." ~ Galatians 2:20



IT IS CHRIST IN US...not we depending on ourselves. Not in our OWN strength but in CHRIST'S.


There you go. In those hard places, those dangerously razors edge ridges we tread, is where we draw closer to Father and are shaped by His hand to be more like Christ. In those places we.learn more of Father's  heart towards us and more of who HE is and more of who HE is in us. As we continue walking, each hard place of suffering and trial, we grow. We grow in faith believing. We grow in the knowledge of the Living God and we grow in our relationship with our First Love more deeply and intimately..Therein is trust, there in is REST for our souls. Rest is like wrapping up in a favorite quilt, propping feet up as you lay back into the arms of the Living God letting Him take you wherever He wills, to do whatever He wills THRU you. Whether it be to show love to a stranger thru kindness, tenderness to a child or slicing and dicing the demons that come against you or those you love or places or things of the Living God.

There is safety in Father's  love. There is courage and boldness and strength. There is freedom and fearlessness in knowing His love for you in truth and worshipping Him  in Spirit and Truth.


Be FREE in the Liberty Christ died to set you free for and don't waste the life Father gave you living any other way than in the knowledge of Father's love for you  and who you are in Christ. You are more than a conqueror thru Christ Jesus.

There is joy in that. I believe that is how we have joy in the sufferings.

Hands up ..let's do this Father!!!

Joshua 1:9

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