Days Gone By

Days Gone By

I see you sitting 

Across from me

Amazed and humbled

By what I see.


The world it whirls

All around us as

It tries to blast

That we don't  last


We laugh and share

Without a care

As if the world

is just not there.


Sheltered in that

Secret place

I know it has been

A gift of grace.


Storms have come

As days gone by

I look at you

And know we'll fly


Fly with wings

So solid and true

Bursting forth

In the time

We are due


Piercing thru

The dark hazed sky

Making way 

For Light




Days gone by

We've walked the miles

Conversatin'  as too




Words of life

Instead of strife

Have brought me 

To see

One such as



Radiant beauty

A heart 

That's  true

I am so happy

That you







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