You want em

Go be em

Go walk out

what you dream

Them to be.


Walk beyond

The man made realm

Bring what's real

Listen to how

Others feel

Take the time 

To care.


When others say

"How dare!"

Let another cry,

Venting out from

days gone by

So many asking and

Wondering "Why"


Simply be

Simply be 

And listen well

Then go speak

And tell the tell

Father leads ,

His voice know well.


Pray for others

Healing and strength

Restoration follows close

It comes from goodness,

Christ drawing us close.


Offer a hand

when others 

Say no

Be the one

To lead the way.


Do something good

Something real

Something of Love

Each and every 




Painting "Color of Anointing"

By:  Kerry Broughton 

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