Bride to Be Not a Need

Bride to Be Not a Need

A man prayed a prayer

I heard today

It made me think

Of this story I read

In "Voice of the Martyrs"

to share


The words

a groom shared 

At the altar 

The bride to be

Shared in reply


" I love you

So much

With GOD

Being first.

I know I only

NEED Christ.


In those words

I take delight

In knowing

They both

could stand

In Christ

No matter,

come what may.


The next I heard

Was so unique

It makes

Me smile

To think


They said

because only

Christ alone

Was their only need

They did not need 

Each another


Christ is all

they truly need

They both declared

They got their wants,

Their hearts desire



Their hearts desire

To be one together


One in Christ

that day

Heart desire

of one another

A want instead of need.


What a powerful

Wedding declare

For all the world to see.


It seems in this

They were truly


One in Christ



As well as need.





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