Blossoming Beauty

Blossoming Beauty

I sit here 

Still seeing 

The beautiful light

In your eyes, 

The joy in your step

And the freedom in



My eyes tear up

To see


blossoming beauty

Of a GOD given gift

Capturing a special

moment in time

Beauty for ashes

Of the Divine.


So moved of the hearing

Both parents in jail

I had to hold back

As you gave

the details


You're  only a teen,

a child stolen from.

But Father 

Has plans,

Restoration and hope

 He's given you this gift

To keep you afloat


After I left

I wept in my car

Asking for Father

To keep you 

In sight

The courage you've had

Is His delight


I sit here in tears

Yes, once again

The goodness of Father

Leading you forth

Blossoming beautifully

With Christ as




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