Been Thinkin'

Been Thinkin'

Been thinkin' alot

About alot

Where to share

So not to flood

But yet still speaking

As the Spirit leads 

Standing from my knees.


Help me Father 

Share Your heart in the


of simple ways

That there be

Such clarion truth

From purity  of 

The Way.


Things You teach me 

I share today

In this most proficient way

I have so much to learn.



Teaching me to

Honor the place

You have

Each person in

their walk,

In my words and deeds 


I am to share

only as

the Spirit leads

That words be chosen

So not to make 

Another stumble

along the way



The spiritual forces

that fight the mind

to skew the truth

That just because

I know my heart 

They may be fought

In seeing words

a different way.


To pray discernment 

The Spirit of Truth

cut thru all the fray.


That though I

may not speak of much

Other than Your heart

Replying with

Your Word

My thoughts and stands

they still remain

And grow

Though others

may not ask

or know.



To remain true

To the call

Of sharing

what You will



We each

are multifaceted

And discovery 

Of those facets


each so pure


 I pray we take the time

To ask and grow

So that we know

The heart and stand 

And beauty within

That You

so fearfully

And wonderfully



And in my actions 

May they be true

In honesty

from a pure intent


Though as I learn

and grow in grace

The Light of Christ

shine thru


That others see

The Way

The Truth

And walk

the path of Life

Whether it looks 

Like everyone else


Walking true

In peace

Thru others strife

and yet still bringing 



Each are in

a different place

You meet us

where we are


what can

be recieved


Where faith in need

Can be tended to

By Your children true.


It's taking one

from the mountain top

To go down to 

The valleys 

 Meeting others

where they are

To help them

make the climb


Oh Father God 

Let all be done 








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