A Measure of Love

A Measure of Love

You were a fighter

Right from

The start

You taught me 

To fight

With all of my heart


Believing if

I do my best

.the Living God

Takes care

Of the rest 



Boots to the ground

Pull up the laces

You taught me

I can

Stand with

any races


With words

Of courage

And truth spoken

Before faces

Boldly I can

Set things

into their places


I thank you

For showing

Me true

There is nothing


For me to do.




I just wanted to say

How happy I am

You led the way

For me to become 

What I am today.


Finding the best

The gold in each test

Adventure among 

Even civil unrest


I smile knowing

Life has had

Ups and downs

But I know one day

We will lay down

our crowns

But til that day

I wanted to say

I love you Dad 

In an extraordinary way.











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