Take them Christ

The world so full

of those that take

And take



And take

The world is full

of those that seek

To take what is not theirs

Those that have

but yet want more

To make themselves

Be admired and adored.

There are those that

Don't  appreciate

Take for granted

Yet do not see

It is the Christ

in You and me

The helps us remain

truly free.

Free from hate

Free from


Free from all that 


Father gives each

Their own to do

To takers I say

You do you 

And let me do,

Do for Father

In all my ways

That we can see

better days.

Guarding His heart

To bring it forth

I pray the takers

Hear me clear

What you take

will come to naught

As Father sees

You asked Him not.

Those you take from

will multiply

Bearing harvest

In fragrant rains

As they carry their cross

And Christ's love remains.

If you take

I pray this be

A gift of Father

for your soul

That the Christ

you see in me 

Set you free

That you see

The beauty and grace

Of honoring all

Before His face

Instead of taking,

Restoring this place.